Monday, August 1, 2011

Skinny Decaf Latte at Robocog

I have an exhibition of my work up at RoboCog Cafe in Surry Hills! It runs for a few weeks from 5th August 2011 onwards...

“I’ve been making marks with pencils since the age of three, and ever since then, I’ve been trying to draw more realistic people. Alas, thirty seven years later, I think it’s clear that my understanding of human anatomy is sadly lacking. My mistake is likely rooted in starting with the tiny details and not the bigger picture – nostrils and noses are always first, leading to rather ugly and ill proportioned individuals, usually found hiding behind large tables, meaning I don’t have to draw their legs. My doodling is now usually undertaken whilst drinking a skinny decaf latte, and often inspired by earwigging on other peoples conversations. Many of these illustrations were originally scrawled roughly in my red sketchbook here at RoboCog.”

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