Friday, May 4, 2012

Out Of Order

My second illustration in almost 20 years of a Sit & Ride Panda.

The story of the Sit & Ride Panda is a long and bitter one, which clearly still haunts me. When I never got to ride on my very own Sit & Ride Panda almost 20 years ago, the reason truly was OUT OF ORDER. And hence this homage to the tale.

These days, Rhettman desperately pulls a similar face when I drag him away from Troy the Sit & Ride Tractor in the entrance of the Co Op. In time, he too will understand why not every little boy gets to ride whenever he chooses.

*I'm still on the hunt for my 1950's Sit & Ride Panda. If anyone knows the whereabouts of one, do please drop me a line.

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