Monday, February 25, 2013

In My Mind

'In My Mind' is a simple project which asked those around me to answer a simple question - 'What are you thinking right now, right this second'.

I deliberately wanted it to remain a spontaneous piece, and pretty much drew these just straight off (in graphite on paper), with a little tidying up as I went. The type is all hand-generated, straight off the cuff mainly because I don't own a printer at the moment, so tracing digital fonts wasn't possible. And I quite like that fact.

I was considering making them all different colours at one point, but changed my mind in favour of something more monolithic which I think enhances the differences in each one.

The full set of 14 can be seen on Behance, here although the project might well continue if anyone emails of Facebooks me anything too good not to draw, and I am considering printing some as a set of limited edition Ricographs.

Thanks to all who inputted!

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