Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hand Drawn Type

Since the 'In My Mind' project a couple of weeks ago, I've been playing around with hand drawn type.

Having no printer means I can't trace digitally generated type, so it's all doodled just straight off my pencil from scratch, often with pretty crude and naive results. But I quite like that.

I was considering speeding up my process by simply generating an alphabet to cut and paste from, but I hate those hand drawn fonts where you can see the repeats, so each phrase is written out in full instead.

To get some consistency however, I've devised a technique that uses a fixed cap height by using my cheap yellow plastic ruler. Two parallel lines are drawn using the top and bottom of the ruler's edges, meaning the height of the letters is always the same, even if I return to redraw something weeks later. Unless of course, someone steals my ruler.

Being left handed, I have to write everything backwards, to avoid smudging the 7B graphite as I go...

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