Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Not my usual sort of entry, but I thought worth sharing...

I've taken some shots of vintage Matchbox cars showing what happens to them during their lifetime. The 'before' shots show mint condition cars, whilst the 'after' shots show the condition after both myself as a child, and now also my own son, have loved them to death! Two generations of children playing in exactly the same way.

Each is an early to mid 1970s car, showing their almost indestructible build quality - something just not found in toys of today, and certainly not in Matchbox cars found in Toys R Us on the Old Kent Road!

My son regularly plays with these classic examples in the sandpit and the bath, and they just keep rolling - literally.

I might reshoot and produce these as high quality art prints, if anyone is interested?

From top to bottom -

No. 40 1971 Vauxhall Guildsman
No. 14 1975 Mini Ha Ha
No. 50 1973 Articulated Truck
No. 34 1975 Vantastic

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