Friday, December 9, 2011


Its finally happening. I've decided to take a rest from work, and also uproot the family and ship them back to Europe. Italy, we thought. There's a nice, economically stable part of the world! Still, rumour has it that we'll be living on an olive farm with lots of time on our hands to be creative. So watch this space. I might actually get off my fat lazy arse, and do some more drawing!

UPDATE. We did indeed get to Italy. Alas, after 5 days from hell, we decided to pull the plug, and head back to the UK. The facilities there were to put it mildly - non existent. Still, we learnt lots along the way. After a brief stop in Devon, and then London, we headed northwards to our current abode - Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland.

I'm effectively the caretaker of five 17th Century cottages, giving me heaps of time to draw, and hopefully ultimately accept some commissions.