Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pencils Rock

Well, it's official. I love pencils, I hate pens.

Here's my top 7 Pencil Plus Points:

  • They're substantially cheaper than pens
  • They're more environmentally friendly than pens too (Actually, I'm not sure this is true, but I'm sure it must be true to some extent. Wood and graphite, versus all that injection moulded plastic)
  • They don't dry out
  • If you break one, it doesn't ruin your shirt
  • You can fashion the tip to your personal preference, using anything sharp
  • They organically change, getting shorter and shorter, and blunter and blunter through use
  • They're pressure sensitive

Of course, they're not perfect. You have to keep sharpening them, not easy for a compulsive pencil sharpener misplacer and your work can become unintentionally smudged if you're not careful.

But whether its a standard red 2B Staedtler Pacific, or the super heavyweight solid graphite Pitt Graphit by Faber Castell, which requires a special over-sized sharpener, I'm far far happier with a pencil in my hand than any pen money can buy. 

Donations of unusual or unwanted pencils readily accepted.

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