Thursday, June 6, 2013

Matchbox Macro

Following on from my last post entitled Unloved about toy cars and their ultimate decay when played with, I started taking a few other shots, some of well loved toys, some of utterly perfect examples touched only by those over the age of 30.

My toddler saw some of them and demanded some 'for his bedroom wall'.

Amongst his favourite vehicles is a blue, almost ruined British Leyland Mini 1000, which survived not only my own childhood, but also a two storey fall at the Museum of London (unlike his similar white Mini, which did not survive the SIX storey fall at the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, thus ending up rather like the ones in the 1969 classic movie 'The Italian Job').

It goes everywhere with him, including to bed, and it's amazing that he's let me bring it to the studio to shoot it!

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